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Why lead time of heat transfers order needs take one week


Heat transfers are becoming more and more popular in the market , especially in US market. With the development of this materials, more and more customers order from us , they also will ask, why the lead time needs one week? Today I will explain why it needs to take 5-7 working days to finish production. I think you will understand after you read this article.

The lead time is started from the day when customers confirm the order and we get the payment.

First step, we layout and make the film.

Second step, after finishing making film, we begin to print down and make the printing frame.

Third step, we begin to print clear paste before go for production.

Forth step, we begin to print in the offset printing work. After that , need to dry in the dehumidifying room.

Fifth step, we being to screen print. During this process, we print clear paste and white paste and glue. In addition, after each process, we need to dry them, then we can go for the next print. That means, print clear paste,  then dry through oven , then print white paste, then dry though oven, then print the glue finally, then also dry though oven.

Sixth step, still needs to dry after all printing process finish.

Seventh step, we need to do washing test ( over 10 times ) . we use AATCC standard, using American Washing machine to test, 10 times at least, 60mins / time.

Last step,inspect quality and then pack.

From layout to pack,there are totally 8 steps. That is why we needs 5-7 working days at least to finish an order. Now do you understand ? As a saying goes from China, a good quality needs careful process.

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