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Which heat transfer sticker has a certain three-dimensional effect?


Three-dimensional heat transfer sticker is including silicone heat transfer,thicken effect heat transfer sticker, flock heat transfer sticker and 3d flock heat transfer sticker etc.

Thicken three-dimensional printing has a very neat three-dimensional effect and it is also called 3D printing,that is why can located in global popular manual printing.


Now we are introducing some types with 3D effect heat transfer stickers

3D Silicone heat transfer sticker:

The layer of silicone three-dimensional printing is by manual printing ,so it has the same thickness as thicken,and also has the same three-dimensional effect.It also has some special advantages but the other heat transfer sticker does not have ,it is including no cracking, environmental non-toxic, high elasticity, Anti-skid, waterproof washable, resistant to wear, good effect with high temperature and low temperature, high weather resistance is not easy to aging and keep the pattern color bright and not fade and so on.

Silicone Heat Transfer Sticker

3D flock heat transfer sticker:

The effect is very good and so soft when we touch it,it feels like plush with 3d multi-color gradient effect,in a word it is so strong three-dimensional printing.


Flock Heat Transfer Sticker

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