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The most beautiful in the world is the golden autumn


The most beautiful in the world is the golden autumn, the grain is full of fragrance, and in 2018, Kenteer & Qingyi Operation Center once again gathered for the Mid-Autumn Festival! This special host Mr.Haidao and our business Miss.Jessie will jointly create a new hosting style for us in 2018. It has a unique flavor and is also honored to invite our long-term foreign customers to participate in this Mid-Autumn Festival feast.

The show began with a wonderful Mid-Autumn Festival riddle, 8 groups of guessing riddle opportunities, each table staff showed their own magic, and the sour sweet and sour collective fruit cut.This is a very interesting game that mobilizes everyone’s enthusiasm in all aspects.

Absolutely you can't think of What you have seen. Our product show was launched in October 2018, and it won the lifelong protection of Kenteer. It is the most direct image spokesperson of our company.

After reading the Kenteer’s special product show, is it very exciting?

Our karaoke master named zhouxing Sing a song for us,called up many person's nice  memories.We are a warm family,Welcome to join us,We want you!

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