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The development of thermal transfer industry


Spinning,printing and dyeing technology in ancient China has a very long history, In the primitive society, our ancestors in order to adapt to climate change, they learned to use local materials and natural resources as raw materials for textile printing and dyeing ,and use them to produce easy-use spin tools. Until today, some of our daily costumes, daily necessities and works of art are the result of the spinning and heat transfer.

Devoted to researching environmental protection

With the development of people's living standards, people has higher demand for life and material, while the government release a lot of environmental protection policy, in recent years, printing & dyeing industry intensify efforts to rectify the production process of pollution treatment and resources Cycle issues. We all know: environmental protection need much money,once the company dont obey environmentally friendly rules, their develop road must be short! So Qingyi company ,on the base of the pass rate of the annual dozens of SGS certificate, apply to the most authoritative textile environmental certification (Germany Hynesen Oeko-tex) in 2014,and get the environmental friendly certificate of thermal transfer materials and A-level heat transfer products. Qingyi use "make printing easier" as companys mission, use sustainable development" as companys concept , strive to achieve the sustainable development of the transfer industry.

Heat Transfer Materials

Oeko-Tex Standard 100 prohibits and restricts the use of known substances in textiles, including PH, formaldehyde, extractable heavy metals, nickel, pesticides / herbicides, chlorophenols, cleavable aromatic amines Dyes, sensitizing dyes, organic chlorinated dyes, organic tin compounds (TBT / DBT), PVC plasticizers, color fastness, organic volatile gases, odor.

Promote professional and technological progress

When the traditional products cant meet people's consumer needs, new technology, new method, new products will be taken for granted. Digital printing, the updates of thermal transfer, sublimation and other technology, not only promote the development of the industry, but also bring a cross-develop for enterprises. Since 2010, Qingyi company has invested multi-millions on abroad production equipment, with standardized and automated machines to instead of human labor .Qingyi has become the industry's leader, the largest thermal transfer materials / thermal transfer production base.

Heat Transfer Printing

Create unique, health and Eco-friendly garments.

When most people do not need to worried about basic necessities for life, people will not just require warm and shelter of textile. Heat transfer printing patterns look pretty or not? In fashion or out of date, good quality or bad? Is it comfortable or not? ... ... a series of problems,seemingly easy but not practical ,waiting for enterprises to deal with. " Stronger material make stronger iron , Qingyi company totally know the quality of the product is the life of the enterprise, it will show the quality to user, thus produce high quality product is the best way to create the trust between company and customers ! Qingyi company has established a strict control system for products  quality, including the inspection for raw materials and the inspection for products. Although the thermal transfer materials / heat transfer is a small part in society, but we still have a strong sense of responsibility for product quality, we have been on the road, and always pursuit better! it will become Qingyi peoples goal and never change !

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