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We have experienced  the  changes of times, and escaped from the natural disaster, finally welcome the 21st century and live a beautiful life today!For a 21-years-experience manufacturer, Qingyi company went through  failure and success, tasted happiness and sadness  in the pass years.Heat transfer stickers are applied in widely range,including decorating clothes, shoes,caps,also used on decorative items.  As the old saying goes” know ourselves then to be victorious”, now we are going to give a wonderful explanation for you——

Reason: the principle and application of heat transfer sticker.

Garment heat transfer technology is widely used in the printing industry. including the pattern of clothing printing and metal photos are  used with heat transfer technology. Garment heat transfer theory is easy to understand, that is the process as follow:  firstly output the the image on the transfer paper, and then use appropriate temperature and pressure to transfer in different materials.Partial heat transfer is very simple, but it's difficult to transfer with large area and heating on average, keep the pattern won’t fall off. Different heat press machine has different heating system, to heat press a large pattern required more technology.

So the suitable temperature, pressure and time is important for the quality of  heat transfer sticker. In heat press process, the temperature and pressure should be moderate, if set too low,the pattern can't be attached, if set too high, the pattern will faint or even charred. But nowadays there are many great heat press machine can solve this problem.

Jersey heat transfer sticker

According to different process,garment heat transfer stickers can be divided into high-temperature heat transfer sticker, low-temperature heat transfer sticker, foam effect heat transfer sticker,offset effect heat transfer sticker, penetration heat transfer sticker, colorful beads  heat transfer sticker, hologram heat transfer sticker, flocking heat transfer sticker, reflective heat transfer sticker, gold and silver hot and water-based  heat transfer sticker and others.

Clear division: different heat transfer stickers lead different rend.

glitter heat transfer sticker

High-temperature heat transfer sticker: Mainly used for cotton and blended knitted garments, such as T-shirts, pajamas and so on. The heat transfer products with good pattern effect, after heat press with soft and flexible feature.

Low-temperature heat transfer sticker: Mainly used for nylon cloth and artificial leather, such as elastic sportswear, swimwear, down jacket, sports shoes, leather gloves and so on. After heat press ,will get the same effect as high temperature heat transfer.

Foam effect heat transfer sticker: heat transfer products with this process has distinct levels and excellent elongation, and the line of pattern is clear, the color is bright.

Penetration heat transfer sticker: the ink layer of penetration heat transfer  sticker is thin, after heat transfer , the clothing will get good ventilation, clear and delicate patterns and other characteristics, the overall effect is natural and realistic.

Gold and silver heat transfer: Gold and silver clothing heat transfer can make products shiny effect, can be used on knitted T-shirts, backpacks and other items.

Flock heat transfer: Fabric will appear flock effect after heat press .

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