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As the saying goes, "Good tools are essential things." Good product must be strongly supported by advanced equipment. On the investment of equipment, Qingyi always is not stingy.

Qingyi(Fujian) Heat Transfer co., ltd. has an international standard factory covering more than 30,000 square meters. The production base of this scale is one of the best in heat transfer industry.

In order to create a good production environment, our company invested a advanced dust-free workshop, strictly control the temperature and humidity of the workshop. Improve the air flow in the workshop, ensure good indoor air quality, and reduce the noise. Not only provide a comfortable environment for workers, but also provide a clean, safe, environmental protection space.

In order to standardize the production and make it professional, the company introduced advanced equipment in home and abroad since 2007. For gravure workshop, Qingyi expanded the room of printing workshop, introduced a number of large automatic coating machine and related facilities  the 100-meters coating and casting unit has become a more perfect coating production line. For Screen printing workshop, Qingyi introduced 4 KOMORI offset printing machine, 5 SAKURA automatic printing machine and 10 ATMA semi-automatic screen printing machine.

In addition, our company also equipped with high precision chemical grinding machine and sewage treatment equipment, not only ensure each production line reach high capacity, focus on environmental protection as well.

At present, we have 21 automatic screen printing equipment production lines with a daily production capacity of 385,000 times, which can meet the demand of customers and improve the efficiency, short the lead time.

Excellent equipment is the guarantee of product quality. Produce high quality products and make best service is the mission of Qingyi. Qingyi is really to be your trust and worthy supplier!

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