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Custom Heat Transfer Stickers For Clothing
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Custom Heat Transfer Stickers

For heat transfer sticker, the bigger the quantity is, the bigger the discount will be.

We have many types of heat transfer sticker based on different fabric and effect,Care label, plastisol heat transfer, silicone etc.

As long as you have order, you can enjoy our priority.

PU Heat Transfer Vinyl Roll Size

For pu heat transfer vinyl roll, there are 2 types : adhesive type and non-adhesive type. It is usually applied for different fabric like cotton, polyester etc, especially for sportswear. Now it is a really good chance to buy. The more you buy, the bigger

Discount you can enjoy, especially over 50 rolls, big profit.

PU Heat Transfer Vinyl Sheet Size

For pu heat transfer vinyl sheet, with adhesive type. It is usually applied for different fabric like polyester, cotton. Now will have more profit for you.

No MOQ, lower price.

PET Release Film

For PET release film, substrate of heat transfer sticker. Can be used by offset printing or screen printing. Whatever you are a trader or factory, it is a good time for you to bulk order.

If you buy it for your own use, it is a good chance to reduce your cost;

If you buy it for selling, it is also a good chance to make more profit.

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