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Outing in June-to say goodbye to the first half of year and say hello to next half of year


How time flies! Half of the year has gone in 2018.

We performed well, that got good sales volume. In order to award all staff’s effort in the first half of year and motivate to get a better performance in the next of year. Our boss arrange the outting to another city. It is a very unforgettable experience and every one had a good time.

During 2-day outing, we climbed the mountain to feel the charm of nature,momentarily releasing work pressure. We were talking, walking,taking the pictures and enjoying the beautiful scenery, very relaxed.

We also celebrated our workmates’ birthday together. Five staff , their birthday is the same month, then we celebrated together.

In our company, we will celebrated every stuff’s birthday, having cake, sing Happy Birthday Song, sending the best wishes to them.

In a word, we all had a good time during this outing , and we will try our best to get the better performance in the next year, to offer our customers’ better service and to make our company better and better.

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