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  • New star in the heat transfer industry
    New star in the heat transfer industry


    Since the beginning of this year, more and more branded apparel has appeared in new styles.Use embroidery patch to embellish clothing.The Embroidery Patch is also known as the embroidery chapter label,belong to high grade label category.Smooth edging/locking, good surface smoothness and full of 3D effect are synonymous with it. Product technical information: press time: 20s heat transfer temperature: 150 ℃-160℃ the use of pressure: 0.5pa Washing standard: 60 ℃ normal temperature, 5 times, 45 minutes / time product instructions,divided into the following two methods. Ironing method: Clean the glue-based parts , place the Embroidery Patch on the appropriate part of cloth, attach the glue side match the clothes, and then spread a silicone paper on Embroidery Patch. Adjust the hot press to 150 ℃. After the temperature is reached, press it directly for 20s in the position of the cloth and Embroidery Patch. Wait for five minutes and ensure it’s cool. If can not reach the Ideal adhesive strength,The above procedure needs to be repeated. Noted: Do not try to remove the Embroidery Patch when its hot. Sewing method: Use the sewing machine to make a circle on the edge of the Embroidery Patch . It is recommended to use the same color as the label. Advantages of the latest Embroidery Patch: Embroidery Patch is different from traditional embroidery, it is easier to match the clothing,the finished garment can also be pasted with embroidery to achieve high quality. There is no longer the MOQ ,complex process ,production speed, high prices, clothing processing single troubles and so on. Embroidery Patch with adhesive backing can be directly applied to textiles, bags, shoes and other textiles. After washing will not fall off, no need Sewing process, saving time and labor cost. In general, this is a new up-star in the apparel industry and Very popular in European and American. Want your clothes to be more outstanding? Let's creates together! K e n t e e r creates fashion and infinite effect for you, call us for samples. Let our embroidery patch make your clothes more awesome!

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  • The most beautiful in the world is the golden autumn
    The most beautiful in the world is the golden autumn


    The most beautiful in the world is the golden autumn, the grain is full of fragrance, and in 2018, Kenteer & Qingyi Operation Center once again gathered for the Mid-Autumn Festival! This special host Mr.Haidao and our business Miss.Jessie will jointly create a new hosting style for us in 2018. It has a unique flavor and is also honored to invite our long-term foreign customers to participate in this Mid-Autumn Festival feast. The show began with a wonderful Mid-Autumn Festival riddle, 8 groups of guessing riddle opportunities, each table staff showed their own magic, and the sour sweet and sour collective fruit cut.This is a very interesting game that mobilizes everyone’s enthusiasm in all aspects. Absolutely you can't think of What you have seen. Our product show was launched in October 2018, and it won the lifelong protection of Kenteer. It is the most direct image spokesperson of our company. After reading the Kenteer’s special product show, is it very exciting? Our karaoke master named zhouxing Sing a song for us,called up many person's nice  memories.We are a warm family,Welcome to join us,We want you!

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  • How much do you know about the PVC heat transfer vinyl?
    How much do you know about the PVC heat transfer vinyl?


    PVC heat transfer vinyl is made of PVC material. It can be regarded as a cost-effective  heat transfer vinyl. Now let's introduce the characteristics of the PVC heat transfer vinyl of Qing Yi . 1. Because of its simplicity, quickness, convenience, no need typesetting, color and pattern arbitrary collocation, self-setting, can be done one, a few minutes a carving knife or scissors can also be completed, so the freedom of personality pursuers and clothing industry designers also known as DIY heat transfer vinyl; 2. The imported PVC material has certain tensile properties, excellent feel and water resistance. 3. Multifunctional type is the biggest feature of this product. The front and back sides are used arbitrarily. The spot-color products are processed by graver then perm on the back. It is simple and fast. White products can be sprayed with color,front facing with plotting sheet and the colors are chosen according to your choice. 4. Product application: This product is widely used in clothing, bags, and other high-temperature textile fabrics; for example: cotton heat transfer sticker clothing, personalized T-shirts, advertising shirts, aprons, hats, travel bags, factory and school numbers and logos.

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  • Why lead time of heat transfers order needs take one week
    Why lead time of heat transfers order needs take one week


    Heat transfers are becoming more and more popular in the market , especially in US market. With the development of this materials, more and more customers order from us , they also will ask, why the lead time needs one week? Today I will explain why it needs to take 5-7 working days to finish production. I think you will understand after you read this article. The lead time is started from the day when customers confirm the order and we get the payment. First step, we layout and make the film. Second step, after finishing making film, we begin to print down and make the printing frame. Third step, we begin to print clear paste before go for production. Forth step, we begin to print in the offset printing work. After that , need to dry in the dehumidifying room. Fifth step, we being to screen print. During this process, we print clear paste and white paste and glue. In addition, after each process, we need to dry them, then we can go for the next print. That means, print clear paste,  then dry through oven , then print white paste, then dry though oven, then print the glue finally, then also dry though oven. Sixth step, still needs to dry after all printing process finish. Seventh step, we need to do washing test ( over 10 times ) . we use AATCC standard, using American Washing machine to test, 10 times at least, 60mins / time. Last step,inspect quality and then pack. From layout to pack,there are totally 8 steps. That is why we needs 5-7 working days at least to finish an order. Now do you understand ? As a saying goes from China, a good quality needs careful process. If you wanna know more about our products, please contact me without hesitation. E-mail: sales06@qingyi.cn Whatsapp: +8618150076231

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  • The difference between elastic  sticker and plastisol sticker
    The difference between elastic sticker and plastisol sticker


    Many customers feel confusion the difference between elastic sticker and plastisol sticker, today i will do some explanation in this problem ,hope can help u know it well. First ,about the PET film material. This plastisol sticker use 1185-B PET film , this film only can do cold peeling sticker,but our elastic sticker normal use 1188PET film , it is not only can do cold peeling  but also can do hot peeling. Second, about the color. For plastisol sticker color will show not very clear ,but our elastic sticker use elastic gold oil better to protect color and show good vivid colors . Third,about the washing time. Plastisol sticker use home launder -ometer tested: 40 degrees, more than 20times,30 min/time. But elastic sticker can for home launder -ometer tested: 40 degrees, more than 50 times,30 min/time. Fourth,about elastic. Plastisol sticker not have any elastic but elastic sticker have high elastic and resilience. Pls see this blow is our elastic sticker elastic show. Fifth, about the press field. Plastisol sticker is suit for press on Cotton cloth, jersey, shirts, etc cloth fabric. But elastic sticker is our factory specially for spandex Lycra etc elastic fabric ,our technician spent much time and trial do this type. This is the difference . we can send u some free samples to test if u wanna test this two types so that u can know well.

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  • Congratulations for these staff ---Award ceremony in June
    Congratulations for these staff ---Award ceremony in June


    With June goes by, we come into July. In the end of June, we hold a award ceremony to courage the staff who performed well in June. They deserved based on their effort. As usual, our boss Nancy, a charming female, gave a short speech as for the beginning. Then it is time for awards. First award is for staff in e-commerce department. These two handsome male, they make our inquiries in Alibaba over 200 pcs, it is a very good grade. We can imagine they need to make great effort and take so long time , so that they can get such a good result. Then it is the award a new project for our sales. These three staff, they recommend our customers order our new products and the sales volume of new products are listed top three. As for a sales, we not only deal with our customers’ need, but also will give their proper suggestions, offer them solution, recommend them new products, so that they can occupy market share quickly and get more market information or product information . Next , it is our sales champion for our different three series products. Our sales manager Rowland, her sales volume of heat transfers and heat transfer vinyl are both first place among all sales in the company. She has been working for our company for over 3 years; always works hard; always tries her best to offer customers’ best service. She deserved this award. The final part, is the special award for our new staff. This is a girl who likes smiling. Although she joins our team just for three months, she always works hard and carefully. She is always patient to our every customers and tried his best to solve customers’ Problems. Every customers who she send sample to them, order from her finally. It is very good, so she got this special award. Now July is coming, we will also to be better and better. If you wanna know more about us, please contact without hesitation. E-mail: sales06@qingyi.cn Whatsapp: +8618150076231 Skype:qingyi061

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  • Outing in June-to say goodbye to the first half of year and say hello to next half of year
    Outing in June-to say goodbye to the first half of year and say hello to next half of year


    How time flies! Half of the year has gone in 2018. We performed well, that got good sales volume. In order to award all staff’s effort in the first half of year and motivate to get a better performance in the next of year. Our boss arrange the outting to another city. It is a very unforgettable experience and every one had a good time. During 2-day outing, we climbed the mountain to feel the charm of nature,momentarily releasing work pressure. We were talking, walking,taking the pictures and enjoying the beautiful scenery, very relaxed. We also celebrated our workmates’ birthday together. Five staff , their birthday is the same month, then we celebrated together. In our company, we will celebrated every stuff’s birthday, having cake, sing Happy Birthday Song, sending the best wishes to them. In a word, we all had a good time during this outing , and we will try our best to get the better performance in the next year, to offer our customers’ better service and to make our company better and better. If you wanna know more about our company, please contact us without hesitation. E-mail: sales06@qingyi.cn Whatsapp: +8618150076231 Skype: qingyi061

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  • How to judge the fabric will dye to migrate
    How to judge the fabric will dye to migrate


    Hello, everybody. With the coming of summer, it is a season to show your personality and fashion . it is time to wear different types of t-shirt. Someone likes t-shirt made of cotton , someone likes t-shirt made of polyester, someone likes t-shirt made of Lycra etc. Our heat transfers applied for t-shirt, it will have a amazing effect. There is no doubt that you will stand out among people whatever in the street , or in the party. But sometimes, we will meet this problem, the t-shirt in transfers that wear for a weeks will dye to migrate. The color of imagine has penetrate into the fabric , so that it looks so bad. Usually only for some dark fabric or polyester, non-woven etc. Therefore, I will explain to your guys how to judge the fabric will be dye-migrated . Once we know the fabric will sublimated, we recommend our customers do anti-sublimation effect heat transfers . Surely, if the the fabric is made of 100% of cotton, there is no problem of dye migration. There are three ways to see whether the fabric will sublimated: 1. Put one piece of white cloth in the heat press machine( please note that it needs to be wet ) , then put one piece of black or dark cloth on the white cloth. Under the temperature of 220 ℃ , press for 20-30 seconds. After that , if the white cloth will be faded, it turns out the cloth will dye to migrate. 2. Put one sheet of PET release film ( the substrate of heat transfers )in in the heat press machine; press for 2 minutes under 200 ℃; then see the pet release film is stained with the color of cloth; if so , that means the cloth will dye to migrate. 3. Use our ready heat transfers to press in the fabric understand 200℃. After 24 hours, let us see the fabric with transfers will be dye to migrate or not. If so, that proves the cloth will dye to migrate. Do you master it ? If you wanna test your t-shirt will be sublimated or not , just use one of three ways , then you can get the result. Once your t-shirt will be sublimated, recommend you our anti-sublimation effect heat transfers, we print anti-sublimation paste when printing ; then it can avoid dye migration to some extant, but we can not guarantee it will 100% deal resolve the problem of dye migration. After all it is the issue of fabric itself. If you wanna know more about heat transfers, please contact us without hesitation: E-mail: sales06@qingyi.cn Skype: qingyi061 Whatsapp: +8618150076231

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