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  • Precised equipment create high-quality products
    Precised equipment create high-quality products


    As the saying goes, "Good tools are essential things." Good product must be strongly supported by advanced equipment. On the investment of equipment, Qingyi always is not stingy. Qingyi(Fujian) Heat Transfer co., ltd. has an international standard factory covering more than 30,000 square meters. The production base of this scale is one of the best in heat transfer industry. In order to create a good production environment, our company invested a advanced dust-free workshop, strictly control the temperature and humidity of the workshop. Improve the air flow in the workshop, ensure good indoor air quality, and reduce the noise. Not only provide a comfortable environment for workers, but also provide a clean, safe, environmental protection space. In order to standardize the production and make it professional, the company introduced advanced equipment in home and abroad since 2007. For gravure workshop, Qingyi expanded the room of printing workshop, introduced a number of large automatic coating machine and related facilities  the 100-meters coating and casting unit has become a more perfect coating production line. For Screen printing workshop, Qingyi introduced 4 KOMORI offset printing machine, 5 SAKURA automatic printing machine and 10 ATMA semi-automatic screen printing machine. In addition, our company also equipped with high precision chemical grinding machine and sewage treatment equipment, not only ensure each production line reach high capacity, focus on environmental protection as well. At present, we have 21 automatic screen printing equipment production lines with a daily production capacity of 385,000 times, which can meet the demand of customers and improve the efficiency, short the lead time. Excellent equipment is the guarantee of product quality. Produce high quality products and make best service is the mission of Qingyi. Qingyi is really to be your trust and worthy supplier!

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  • An aristocrat of heat transfer stickers
    An aristocrat of heat transfer stickers


    It's very common for people to pay attention to something special, as your Heat transfer material solution supplier,we'll reveal today's main product--------3D labels,also called high density stickers in heat transfer industry. Production description: 3D Effect heat transfer sticker is manual printing with glue, it is need be printed many times so it can reach the customers thickness requirement.Also it is made with TPU film so can touch elastic. As it is printed with manual,so only can be do normal color ,such as white, black ,red but also can do pantone color. Customized film size is 22*30cm but also can cut into individual logo . It is matt effect , normal thickness is 0.4mm -1mm , this thickness normally can reach customers thickness requirement,it looks have very strong 3Deffect. We use heat press machine do press,Transfer temperature:160℃,Transfer time:do positive press 15s and then do negative press 15s ,Pressure:medium pressure ,by cold peeling. It is can be pressed on sportswear,T-shirts, caps , shoes and bags etc, so it have widely usage. High thickness,design color match pan tone color code can reduce color difference so can get customers high color requirement,good rebound.The each printing process is can promise the 3D thicken heat transfer sticker no fade color , we use 60degree water temperature,60minutes/time and can washing 12 times,so it have good washing resistance. Our 3D thicken heat transfer sticker quality have been passed many types certificate,especially get SGS, Oeko-t and so on. We are do pack with individual logo now , so it have many advantage: 1.It is cut and packed into single package, so can save the customers cutting time , pick up logo time. 2.It is can reduce logo wight to save shipping 3.It is can keep safe transportation, 4.The individualize logo can ship the DHL the most fastest delivery way. We offer free samples to our discerning customers.Dear friend,don't give up any chance of winning the aristocrat labels ,please contact me for samples: Lily Kang :doc@kenteer.com Whatsapp/HP:+86 18159139311

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  • Iron on patches - Your best choice of DIY craft material
    Iron on patches - Your best choice of DIY craft material


    Are you still looking for attractive new items for your craft shop in different exhibitions? Do you want to proudly display your favorite bands on your jacket, or show off the skills you learned from the summer camp on your backpack? Kenteer iron-on patches are your best choice and the great way to express people’s individuality! This patches with  exquisite and bright-colored outlook, perfect for handmade arts and crafts projects! It can be widely used to decorate or repair the jean jacket, shirts, blouse, shoes, bags, hats, etc. Even if there are broken holes or scars on clothes, you can use these patches to cover, and the bright colors and special patterns make them more attractive! Product feature: Material: Embroidery products Color and size: Any color and size can be customized Required Tools: Household Iron Instruction: *Preheat the fabric, it will make the fabric warm and smooth *Position the iron on patches on the place your like the most *Cover the patches with a white cloth. *Press down hard for 20S, make 3-4 rounds of ironing, press doewn the iron. *Let it cool down and enjoy your finished project There is no single perfect way you must stick the patch on which position on your apparel, just any inspiration coming to life is ok! you can manipulate them in anyway you want,and they'll keep them for many years to come,you will be the most fashionest guy in the street. If you want to know more about the paths, just don’t hesitate to contact us for more information! Email:sales05@kenteer.com Whats app & wechat:+8618159139305

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  • China Manufacturer Of Heat Transfer Sticker
    China Manufacturer Of Heat Transfer Sticker


    We have more than 20 years history in heat transfer industry , We are specializing in R&D transfers product for professionals partners. We have 3 production department ,3 offset printing machine , 12 semi auto screen printing machine , 7 full auto screen printing machine . So we have huge capacity also the quality and delivery time are in our control. Can help you win more orders ! Heat transfer stikcer is our top 3 selling product, It does not have MOQ, So you can order 1pc for start your business. And simple process, you just need to provide artwork as long as high resolution. Then we can produce for you in any design . Not only save your time but also save your worker cost. And this materail stands out on the playground, on the sidelines, on campus, or anywhere else you'll find fanwear, cheer apparel, Greek letter shirts, and fashion garments. And it is safe for use on children's clothing as well as adult garments.  you'll find the perfect color to impact any project. And when you're ready for a change, it's simple to make a change with this easy-to-use, versatile material. At last but no least , our customers all have their own designs and mostly the artwork owned by them. So we definitely cannot use them , i am sure you understand this . And artwork must be need in AI , PDF or EPS , Not just PICTURE! Because we need to check the price with artwork and use for production we are confident that we have strong experience and can provide you competitive products and price as long as you are willing to partner with us We are willing to explore every possibility for your business ! Contact: Jessie Qin Mob/whatsapp:+8618159139307 Email:sales04@qingyi.cn

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  • Metallic Heat Transfer Vinyl Have Excellent Metal Performance
    Metallic Heat Transfer Vinyl Have Excellent Metal Performance


    As we know,metallic heat transfer vinyl have excellent metal performance,it is suitable for clothing,bag,hat and so on.we have independent R&D department to develop different products to meet the demand of current market.There are a wide variety of heat transfer vinyls with fashion elements for clothing,hat,bag and so on.Now let me introduce fashionable metallic vinyl for you. In order to meet different demand of customers,we have developed normal metallic heat transfer vinyl and Soft foil heat transfer vinyl. Normal metallic heat transfer vinyl This metallic heat transfer vinyl is made by Electroplated metal processing.It touch a little hard,without elasticity.It can applied for party or festival decoration clothing.If you want to use for loose or less elastic clothes,normal metallic will be the best choice.there are more than 10 colors to choose,every color has excellent metal glossiness and high mirror effect.The metallic effect can greatly improve the grade of the clothes. Product feature: Size:50cm*25m/roll, customization accepted Thickness: 100-110um Temperature: 150℃-160℃ Transfer time:10-15s Transfer pressure: 0.2 kgf/cm^2 Peeling method:cold peeling Washing ability:more than 20times under40-60degree Soft metallic heat transfer vinyl The soft metallic vinyl is made with soft PU material and electroplated metal processing ,it is a little thinner than normal metallic,it has excellent elasticity and it touch softly.It can applied for Close-fitting and children clothing.Because the material is environmentally friendly without stimulation. Product feature: Size:50cm*25m/roll, customization accepted Thickness: 100um Temperature:130℃-150℃ Transfer  time: 10-15s Transfer pressure:0.2 kgf/cm^2 Peeling method:warm/hot peeling Washing ability:more than 20times under40-60degree The advantages - environmental material and excellent quality,excellent elasticity, easy to stretch and not easily deformed,excellent washing ability. - variety colors,and the pattern effect can greatly improve the grade of the clothes - easy to cut ,without plate making,as long as there is a computer, cutting plotter machine and heat press machine can be used. - fast and efficient, you can finish your artwork in a few minute. - No mould process, it can help to save cost. -Packing in rolls, maximize the use of corner materials, avoid waste, and control costs. Believe us,the delicate powdery expression creates a shining starry sky that belongs to the designer.create beauty,create value. Contact:Kelly Chen Email:sales16@kenteer.com Whats app & We chat: +86 18965123056.

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  • Labels without glue outline is originating
    Labels without glue outline is originating


    In ordinary screen printing and offset printing production, the glue edge is really a phenomenon that seems present. But recently, a purchase from Russia for warmth transfer labels. The customer is really a outfit situated in St. Petersburg city, Russia and supply clothes for a lot of famous branding business for example FILA,puma and so forth. Meanwhile, the needs for brand services are relatively high.The clothing manufacturer offer us high needs in the high elasticity, washing and glue issues.Therefore, we made 3 production plans and enhancements with this sample order. To begin with, to meet up with the interest in versatility, we added 2 processes within the ordinary production plan.At the moment, the elasticity of the label is 2 occasions those of ordinary products.Help make your clothes simple to stretch and excellently rebound. Next, water needs of consumers will also be very strict,our label could be washed greater than 40 occasions once the temperature of water reaches 40 levels. Finally, no halo issue,we've created the samples for 3 occasions.Within the glue process, further enhancements happen to be designed to meet the requirements without glue edge labels.Your clothes could be more upscale with this no halo labels. Product technical information: Whether ecological protection: eco-friendly PU material Transfer temperature: 150-160 Press time: 20-21S Textile care: washing temperature 40-60 levels Washing occasions: greater than 40 occasions / reverse machine wash Tearing method: cold peel / hot peel Wonderful situations are worth awaiting, we're also constantly improving, constantly upgrade. We've been on the path to create a progress. For those who have similar needs, please get in touch.

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  • Creative Ideas for Leather Patches
    Creative Ideas for Leather Patches


    Description Jiabao leather patches are made-to-order custom labels with any design you’d like. Soomth edge and great 3D effect are adding much value for your DIY t-shirt, hats, bag, jackets, shoes, etc. Advantage a. Good ventilation & excellent moisture absorption. b.Wonderful looks & soft hand feeling. c. Great 3D effect & bright color. d. Washable, it won’t fall off more than 5 times wash at 40 ℃                water temperature, 45mins/time e. Improving work efficiency. Tranditionally, most leather patches are for sewing which cost much more time. While good news here, ours can be ironed or sewn on but saving much more time when iron with only 20 seconds. Widely Application Heat press parameter a. Pre-heat your fabric, remove the moisture& wrinkles b. Apply the patch (image side up) c. Cover teflon sheet on the patch d. Heat press with firm pressure like 0.5pa with 302-320 ℉ ( 150 - 160    ℃), 10s at positive side, 10s at negative side e. Finished Get the quote simply by providing the information as below: a. Measure ______(Width)      by ______(Height) b.Quantity______pcs c.Shipping to______(country, city name with zip code please) d.Artworks pls email to casey@jbscreenprinting.com, files can be sent in high resolution pdf, AI, Coreldraw or PNG formats. To know more about our prints, welcome to contact us as following: Contact: Casey (Heat Transfer Consultant) Mob/wechat/whatsapp: +8618159139309 Email: casey@jbscreenprinting.com

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  • Low order quantity tag custom factory direct sales
    Low order quantity tag custom factory direct sales


    Custom hang tags are an easy and affordable way to add your own unique branding (and style) to almost any product. Give people on the fence about buying important info like pricing, product details and even your company mission or story. With all sorts of options, you can create just the right product tag for apparel, collectibles, food, gift boxes and more. Traditional clothing tag has two functions: I、As a certificate of conformity, indicate the product name, implementation standards, item number, composition, grade, inspection number, etc. II、Promote the company, print the company name, logo, brand, address, telephone, as a kind of corporate advertising promotion. And now: Clothing tag custom made a lot of style. And Qingyi Can be customized to any shape according to customer needs. We have Complete range such as:dutch white paper、black or white color paper、Coated art paper Complete range and so on: Low order quantity:1000piece Print process and advantages: Silk screen advantages:low price, bright color, long shelf life and fast delivery Foil silver/gold effect: it is suitable for high end clothing with shiny effect. Uneven process: tag surface is uneven with good hand-feeling Uv process: with UV print, it is Environmentally friendly, cost-effective. Our sincerity: Application: Fast order process: 1.   Shape 2.   Orientation 3.   Size (Vertical = W x H : Horizontal = H x W) 4.   Paper thickness 5.   Process(UV/Silk screen etc.) If you have artwork in hand or any questions to consult, please just feel free to contact us following: Contact: Lyna Zhang Mob/whatsapp:+8618106981776 Email:sales12@qingyi.cn

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