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Since the beginning of this year, more and more branded apparel has appeared in new styles.Use embroidery patch to embellish clothing.The Embroidery Patch is also known as the embroidery chapter label,belong to high grade label category.Smooth edging/locking, good surface smoothness and full of 3D effect are synonymous with it.

Product technical information:

press time: 20s

heat transfer temperature: 150 ℃-160℃

the use of pressure: 0.5pa

Washing standard: 60 ℃ normal temperature, 5 times, 45 minutes / time

product instructions,divided into the following two methods.

Ironing method:

Clean the glue-based parts , place the Embroidery Patch on the appropriate part of cloth, attach the glue side match the clothes, and then spread a silicone paper on Embroidery Patch.

Adjust the hot press to 150 ℃. After the temperature is reached, press it directly for 20s in the position of the cloth and Embroidery Patch. Wait for five minutes and ensure it’s cool. If can not reach the Ideal adhesive strength,The above procedure needs to be repeated.

Noted: Do not try to remove the Embroidery Patch when its hot.

Sewing method:

Use the sewing machine to make a circle on the edge of the Embroidery Patch . It is recommended to use the same color as the label.

Advantages of the latest Embroidery Patch:

Embroidery Patch is different from traditional embroidery, it is easier to match the clothing,the finished garment can also be pasted with embroidery to achieve high quality.

There is no longer the MOQ ,complex process ,production speed, high prices, clothing processing single troubles and so on.

Embroidery Patch with adhesive backing can be directly applied to textiles, bags, shoes and other textiles. After washing will not fall off, no need Sewing process, saving time and labor cost.

In general, this is a new up-star in the apparel industry and Very popular in European and American. Want your clothes to be more outstanding? Let's creates together!

K e n t e e r creates fashion and infinite effect for you, call us for samples. Let our embroidery patch make your clothes more awesome!

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