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Metallic Heat Transfer Vinyl Have Excellent Metal Performance


As we know,metallic heat transfer vinyl have excellent metal performance,it is suitable for clothing,bag,hat and so on.we have independent R&D department to develop different products to meet the demand of current market.There are a wide variety of heat transfer vinyls with fashion elements for clothing,hat,bag and so on.Now let me introduce fashionable metallic vinyl for you.

In order to meet different demand of customers,we have developed normal metallic heat transfer vinyl and Soft foil heat transfer vinyl.

Normal metallic heat transfer vinyl

This metallic heat transfer vinyl is made by Electroplated metal processing.It touch a little hard,without elasticity.It can applied for party or festival decoration clothing.If you want to use for loose or less elastic clothes,normal metallic will be the best choice.there are more than 10 colors to choose,every color has excellent metal glossiness and high mirror effect.The metallic effect can greatly improve the grade of the clothes.

Product feature:

Size:50cm*25m/roll, customization accepted

Thickness: 100-110um

Temperature: 150-160

Transfer time:10-15s

Transfer pressure: 0.2 kgf/cm^2

Peeling method:cold peeling

Washing ability:more than 20times under40-60degree

Soft metallic heat transfer vinyl

The soft metallic vinyl is made with soft PU material and electroplated metal processing ,it is a little thinner than normal metallic,it has excellent elasticity and it touch softly.It can applied for Close-fitting and children clothing.Because the material is environmentally friendly without stimulation.

Product feature:

Size:50cm*25m/roll, customization accepted

Thickness: 100um


Transfer  time: 10-15s

Transfer pressure:0.2 kgf/cm^2

Peeling method:warm/hot peeling

Washing ability:more than 20times under40-60degree

The advantages

- environmental material and excellent quality,excellent elasticity, easy to stretch and not easily deformed,excellent washing ability.

- variety colors,and the pattern effect can greatly improve the grade of the clothes

- easy to cut ,without plate making,as long as there is a computer, cutting plotter machine and heat press machine can be used.

- fast and efficient, you can finish your artwork in a few minute.

- No mould process, it can help to save cost.

-Packing in rolls, maximize the use of corner materials, avoid waste, and control costs.

Believe us,the delicate powdery expression creates a shining starry sky that belongs to the designer.create beauty,create value.

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