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Maintain heat transfer material,have you realized it?


Heat transfers is the ladder of human toward to fashion and personality,it has a lot of specifications ,widely usage, and good effect on surface,convenient operation, product beautiful and generous, fastness particularly good, washable, soft and others features,for maintaining heat transfers,there are some skills to deal with, now let Qingyi company give you some tips,hope it’ll be useful to everyone!

Offset Heat Transfer Stickers

Qingyi company engineers gave 9 maintenance rules for heat transfer T-shirts.

1. It feels a little bit hard after heat press, but it’ll become hand soft after washing(after heat press,please wash the clothing  2 days later).

2.Don’t rub T-shirt by hands (the surface of heat transfer pattern wouldn’t stick with dirty things).

3.Don’t wash with detergent containing bleach,use below 40 degree water or cold water to wash it.

4.When you wash it,you had better not use washing machine,if you want to use it, please put the design inside and wash. After washing,take out from the machine at once, and please don’t dry it with machine.

5.When you washing clothing, don’t rub the collar with force, in order to avoid deformation.

6.When drying, the hanger can only be stretched from loose place, can’t be directly from the neckline part of the forced enter, to avoid the collar losing flexibility.

7.Naturally dry, do not exposure heat transfer T-shirts under the sun

8.Clothes need to ironing, after drying can be used in the warm steam ironing (including elastic fibers can’t use high temperature ironing, so that to break elastic fiber tissue structure, affecting the elastic effect of clothing), don’t direct ironing on the pattern.

9.After ironing, do not put clothes into a small space, allow to hang up or keep flat, to ensure that the flat appearance of clothing.

If the color fade,please refer to these points:

1.Check the fabric will fade or not before heat press, if you don’t have related tolls, you can prepare a glasses with 80 degree water,and cut down a small fabric threw into water then cover the glass. After 10 minutes,watch the color of water.

2.Try the first one to make sure if the fabric will dye.If you find customer’s fabric fade, please tell the customer about that; if can’t return money to customers, we have to advise to add subli mation ink for heat transfer stickers.

3.Produce anti-sublimation heat transfers——If the fabric fade,but acceptable, print white anti-sublimation ink and clear ink is choice; If fading is very serious,print ash based anti-sublimation ink, whether need to print original anti-sublimation ink is depends on the real situation, or use nylon transparent as base, then cover with anti-sublimation pulp.

Anti-Sublimation Heat Transfers

Anti-Sublimation Heat Transfer Stickers

4.In addition, we have to consider the fastness of ink, choosing printing material should be careful, otherwise, through get the good effect of anti-sublimation,and printing fastness is bad, that will be terrible as well.

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