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Labels without glue outline is originating


In ordinary screen printing and offset printing production, the glue edge is really a phenomenon that seems present. But recently, a purchase from Russia for warmth transfer labels. The customer is really a outfit situated in St. Petersburg city, Russia and supply clothes for a lot of famous branding business for example FILA,puma and so forth.
Meanwhile, the needs for brand services are relatively high.The clothing manufacturer offer us high needs in the high elasticity, washing and glue issues.Therefore, we made 3 production plans and enhancements with this sample order.

To begin with, to meet up with the interest in versatility, we added 2 processes within the ordinary production plan.At the moment, the elasticity of the label is 2 occasions those of ordinary products.Help make your clothes simple to stretch and excellently rebound.

Next, water needs of consumers will also be very strict,our label could be washed greater than 40 occasions once the temperature of water reaches 40 levels.

Finally, no halo issue,we've created the samples for 3 occasions.Within the glue process, further enhancements happen to be designed to meet the requirements without glue edge labels.Your clothes could be more upscale with this no halo labels.

Product technical information:

Whether ecological protection: eco-friendly PU material

Transfer temperature: 150-160

Press time: 20-21S

Textile care: washing temperature 40-60 levels

Washing occasions: greater than 40 occasions / reverse machine wash

Tearing method: cold peel / hot peel

Wonderful situations are worth awaiting, we're also constantly improving, constantly upgrade. We've been on the path to create a progress.

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