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How to protect the heat transfer logo on the t-shirt?


How to protect the heat transfer logo on the t-shirt?

Nowadays heat transfer logo is becoming more and more popular. Different logo on the t-shirt shows different style. However if you do not know how to protect them, it is easy to be damaged.

So now I will introduce some ways how to protect them as following:

·The t-shirt will be lightly hard after press the logo, but it will be soft after you wash them. (Usually it had better to wash 2 days later after pressing).

·Please do not rub the t-shirt with logo, or the dirt is easy to adhere to the t-shirt.

·Do not wash the t-shirt by detergent with bleach. Please wash it with less than 40 water.

·It had better not to wash by machine. Make the t-shirt turn to inside if you use washing machine. After washing, please take them out. Do not dry it by machine.

·Please do not scrub the neckline strongly to avoid out of shape.

·Please dry it naturally. Do not make them expose in the sun.

·If the t-shirt needs to be ironed, it can be used by modest temperature after drying.

·After ironing, please do not make the t-shirt put into small space. It can be hang by clothes stand to keep t-shirt flat.

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