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How to make a t-shit with 10USD become worthy of 150USD?


Have you meet with such a problem like that : The t-shirt you sell is worth of 10USD, but others can be sell it with 150USD., and it is hot sold.

Why happen that? Is it related fabric materials? Actually No ! It is issue of the heat transfer logo quality in the t-shirt. It will create higher value to choose high quality heat transfer logo, like accurate color printing, no glue edge, good washing resistance etc. So today I will share you why we can print high quality heat transfer logo.

CMYK printing and digital management

We introduce KOMORI ( Japan ) offset printing machine, the color printing accuracy can be reached more than 99%. We use digital management so that it can avoid some mistakes by hand when printing. It can print over 10000 sheets / hour.

Advanced drying room to control temperature

We introduce advanced drying room after offset printing to control the temperature and humidity digitally. The drying time needs to be 12 hours. So that it can be fully transferred.

Print white paste

We adopt imported high elastic polyurethane ( PU ) paste ,eco-friendly, it can be used to increase elasticity and thickness. It plays a part in covering as well so that the cloth grain will not come out after transfer.

Washing test

Before shipping, we will do washing test based on AATCC American standard. It can be washed 40-60times ( normal washing machine ) and more than 10 times (American AATCC ) under 40℃ water.

Under strict management and testing , we produce high quality heat transfer logos. That is why a normal cotton t-shirt can be sold with $150 / pcs.

If you wanna make your t-shirt be higher value, please contact us without hesitation, we will offer you better solution for you.

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