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How much do you know about the PVC heat transfer vinyl?


PVC heat transfer vinyl is made of PVC material. It can be regarded as a cost-effective  heat transfer vinyl. Now let's introduce the characteristics of the PVC heat transfer vinyl of Qing Yi .

1. Because of its simplicity, quickness, convenience, no need typesetting, color and pattern arbitrary collocation, self-setting, can be done one, a few minutes a carving knife or scissors can also be completed, so the freedom of personality pursuers and clothing industry designers also known as DIY heat transfer vinyl;

2. The imported PVC material has certain tensile properties, excellent feel and water resistance.

3. Multifunctional type is the biggest feature of this product. The front and back sides are used arbitrarily. The spot-color products are processed by graver then perm on the back. It is simple and fast. White products can be sprayed with color,front facing with plotting sheet and the colors are chosen according to your choice.

4. Product application: This product is widely used in clothing, bags, and other high-temperature textile fabrics; for example: cotton heat transfer sticker clothing, personalized T-shirts, advertising shirts, aprons, hats, travel bags, factory and school numbers and logos.

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