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Heat transfer sticker order case for new partners


With many emerging enterprises gradually appearing, the competitive situation of trade business has been more and more tough. But thank to our principle——keep innovation & service first, which make us outstanding among various heat transfer enterprises.

As an ODM&OEM manufacturer, sometimes customers were confused to cooperate with us. Now we take ELITE GROUP—— one of our customer as an example to introduce the order process of Heat Transfer Stickers.

The first call from Patty——the purchasing director of China office of Elite Group was in 2017. Their headquarters is in the UK,which mainly make logos for brand sponsor of Jersey or gift companies. The local football game was going to be held soon and they had already get many sponsors’ logo ,after investigation they trusted us without hesitates. That is the reason Patty found us at that time.

Logo Heat Transfer Sticker is their purpose. After judging their fabric was dye fabric we advised them to do dye-block & elastic effect for that logo. Everything was going on, they sent their artwork in PDF format and info the size, we send their artwork to our technician to make layout, and then check with them and then make bulk production. We offered washing test report before they tested in local, both test results satisfied them.

It is important to get feedback from customer’s previous order.  For Elite Group, in order to avoid“slow lead time“”ink & powder bleeding“”easy fall off after heat press”,we discussed with our technician before production and make new solution for them.All our professional service made them trust us, even promoted them purchase a product sample book from us after they went back to the UK.

Except for business cooperation,we also offer FAQS for customers solving printing problems.If you wanna know more information or want to get custom solutions, please contact us without hesitation!

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