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Congratulations for these staff ---Award ceremony in June


With June goes by, we come into July. In the end of June, we hold a award ceremony to courage the staff who performed well in June. They deserved based on their effort.

As usual, our boss Nancy, a charming female, gave a short speech as for the beginning.

Then it is time for awards.

First award is for staff in e-commerce department. These two handsome male, they make our inquiries in Alibaba over 200 pcs, it is a very good grade. We can imagine they need to make great effort and take so long time , so that they can get such a good result.

Then it is the award a new project for our sales. These three staff, they recommend our customers order our new products and the sales volume of new products are listed top three. As for a sales, we not only deal with our customers’ need, but also will give their proper suggestions, offer them solution, recommend them new products, so that they can occupy market share quickly and get more market information or product information .

Next , it is our sales champion for our different three series products.

Our sales manager Rowland, her sales volume of heat transfers and heat transfer vinyl are both first place among all sales in the company. She has been working for our company for over 3 years; always works hard; always tries her best to offer customers’ best service. She deserved this award.

The final part, is the special award for our new staff. This is a girl who likes smiling. Although she joins our team just for three months, she always works hard and carefully. She is always patient to our every customers and tried his best to solve customers’

Problems. Every customers who she send sample to them, order from her finally. It is very good, so she got this special award.

Now July is coming, we will also to be better and better.

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