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Clothing heat transfer sticker details


In the apparel industry, printing is an indispensable processes. And heat transfer (sticker)printing is the one of printing technology; With the development of science and technology, its convenience, speedy, non-pollution, nice color-fastness, good washing fastness, good durability and other special features all reach International standards,  therefore, it has been widely used by many enterprises; Due to the difference of application, designs and  fabric, when they need heat transfer sticker ,they have different choices in material and stickers.

Qingyi will introduce you several heat transfer materials and heat transfer products as follow: .Digital sublimation Print the color which you required on sublimation transfer paper, and then heating with a high temperature approx 200-220 , after the color completely penetrate into the textile fiber, the design will be finished. As you can see, after heat transfer the image is very clear, colorful, integrity, and hands feel good, besides, the color will be durable, wont fall off and crack with a cheap price. The image is realistic, breathable, without any bad feeling, and the color never fade. Use range: T-shirts, sportswear,etc; Main application: Print on chemical fiber fabric .

Heat Transfer Sticker

Cotton sublimation

Cotton digital sublimation (It can be good effect, as long as your fabric can be discharge print, dark color and more than one color there, as long as the fabric contain 95% cotton, after sublimation, it will feel good, washable, durable to stretch, and, even you wash it every day it will not fade) If your cloth contain 100% cotton, the effect will be much better than the above one, and feel more soft and pleasant. Our ordinary sublimation can only sublimate in light-color fabric ( can only sublimate in fabric which is under 15% cotton-contain. However,the color will be bright and realistic as well, washing fastness is also pretty good). As well as our products, our service will also not let you down, once your payment reach 5,000 RMB, we will refund the module fee to you.Main applications: sportswear which required good ventilation , T-shirts and beach towels,etc.

sublimation heat transfer printing

Hi-density heat transfer sticker

After finished the thickness can get 1 mm, only pure color can make it at current. Our hi-density has a strong cubic effect.

Sportswear applications: generally used for clothing LOGO.

How to heat press on sportswear:

Heat press temperature: 130-160 degrees

Heat press time: 5-8 seconds

Peeling method: cold Peeling.

Use range: Widely used in clothing, toys, shoes, hats, handbags, gloves and other cotton, chemical fiber cloth, knitted fabrics,etc.

Hi-density heat transfer sticker

Ordinary heat transfer sticker

Features: thin, good feel, soft and good elasticity, it has a good rebound after you pull it. It is suitable for personal sportswear which is close-to-skin; Such as swim suits and cycling clothing,etc.

Ordinary heat transfer sticker

Care label heat transfer sticker

The color of design is very clear, the design is smooth with clear lines. High flexibility, good washable, and comfortable for people to wear.

Care label heat transfer sticker

Reflective heat transfer sticker

Using imported reflective film, the surface is smooth and shiny, luminous rate more than 0.9

Use range: warning signs, traffic safety clothing, sportswear, kids wear and so on.

Reflective heat transfer sticker

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