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Care Label, plays a significant role in the filed of fabric


Care Label, plays a significant role in the filed of fabric

1. What is care label?

Care label is a kind of label in our clothes. It applies for clothing and the contents is including some information about washing.

2. What is it in the care label

Usually we will add information of clothing materials and correct washing ways, such as it is for dry cleaning, washing by machine or washing by hand? It can be whitened or not? And it also can include drying method, heat transfer temperature etc to guide user to use it. In addition, it can add brand logo, contact way etc.

3.What materials for care label

There are so many materials for care label usually including nylon, polyester, acetate, TC, cotton and non-woven etc. Meanwhile in order to increase value and diversification of product, it can be used on Full-dull fabric, Sem-dull fabrics, Bright fabrics and Pearl finished fabrics etc. Different fabric is suitable for different care label. For our factory, QingYi, we have more than 20-year experience in this filed and can supply a set of heat transfer solution for our customers.

4.Care label heat transfer

Feature: Eco-friendly, good washing and color resistance, good hand feeling

Application: clothes, underwear, shoes, cap

For textile enterprises, the care label with good design and quality can always catch more eyesight just like a small advertisement. It is easier to convey connotation of the brand.With stronger and stronger competition of textile, care label is afford more and more responsibility, especially the deign, text, notation, they can explain the date, size and logo etc, which make customers use conveniently.

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