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The difference between printable vinyl and heat transfer stickers

2019-05-09 09:49:54

Printable Vinyl And Heat Transfer Sticker are all use colorful patterns heat press on fashion personality clothes, and then peeling off PET film to complete the entire heat press process. Both are the same heat press pattern on the substrate, the effect is similar, but what’s the difference between them?The following will analyze for you from production process.

Printable vinyl  is also called Printable Heat Transfer Vinyl:

Use high-quality TPU elastic material,with a soft feel, good elasticity, ink absorption, high color reproduction,use PET high temperature resistance substrate,through high temperature heat press doesn’t deformation,Do not degumming,color don’t fade,washable,used in color pattern printing and cutting,easy to cut, cutting,weeding.The use process of printable vinyl is as follow:firstly design pattern in the computer,then put heat transfer vinyl on the print & cut machine to print and cut,after cutting peel off the excess part,composite positioning film, and then heat press pattern with heat press machine,last step is peel off the clear PET film.

Heat Transfer Stickers:

Heat Transfer Stickers Patterns has fine particles, bright colors, good elasticity, stretch resistance,good washing effect, adaptability, pass SGS and OEKO-TEX standard 100 certificate,care label using imported high temperature polyurethane material,thick color,silk screen spot color printing,to ensure heat press at high temperature not deformation.Heat transfer pattern formation process is that on heat transfer paper through screen printing,let pattern printed on the heat transfer paper,make heat transfer paper covered on the substrate,then through heat  press machine let pattern printed on the clothes.

In summary,pu printable vinyl use ink-jet from sprayed pattern, however Heat Transfer Label is printed pattern on the heat transfer paper,which is printable printable vinyl and heat transfer sticker difference.

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