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Custom Heat Transfer Stickers For Clothing

The difference between printable vinyl and heat transfer stickers

Printable Vinyl And Heat Transfer Sticker are all use colorful patterns heat press on fashion personality clothes, and then peeling off PET film to complete the entire heat press process. Both are the same heat press pattern on the substrate, the effect is similar, but what’s the difference between them?The following will analyze for you from production process. Printable vinyl  is also calle...

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How to deal with the problems may happened during heat transfer process

Heat transfer labels is very popular now, convenient operation makes it easy to get started, but the effect is not always be satisfactory, there may happen bad adhesion problem without careful. Why heat transfer labels for clothing will appear these problems and how to solve these problems. Qingyi company will offer some solutions to you with their experience and some skills from internet. 1.The r...

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How to store the thermochromic heat transfer sticker

Thermochromic Heat Transfer Sticker is very popular in the market recently. Because of its special production process and raw materials,the storage way, the validity and packaging of thermochromic Heat Transfer Sticker is different from ordinary heat transfer. let’s see what shall we focus on—— 1.Storage, validity and packaging 1) Thermochromic pigments isn’t good at light-fastness, when exposure ...

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Know more about 3D high density heat transfer stickers with this article

In the hot summer, a lot of handsome boys and pretty girls like to wear a wide T-shirts, on the t-shirts it has three-dimensional pattern,  it feel comfortable, new and stylish, easily to attract other people’s attention, so what is the three-dimensional pattern of technology? This article will giving a brief introduction. High quality 3d Hi-density Heat Transfer Stickers use special color in...

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The ways for PET film cold peeling is too tight

The ways for PET film cold peeling is too tight With the development of Qingyi Heat Transfer Products, personalized demand is gradually revealed, PET film is divided into cold peeling and hot peeling, the processing plant and clothing heat press Workshop need to think about human cost, fabric adaptability and other issues, how to choose cold peeling and hot peeling film, this problem is still conf...

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What is care label sticker

Care Label Heat Transfer Sticker is through heating press and heat transfer the care label sticker onto clothing, and the traditional way is to sewing label onto collar or other place inside the clothes. When we wearing the clothes with sewing label , it will direct touch and rub our skin, cause skin itchy or even allergies. However, after heat press, care label heat transfers will press to the fa...

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Care label plays an important role in clothing industry

The name of care label ? Care label normally the northerners call it as a washing sticker, will be called "sticker" or " label ", and southerners are used to call as washing trademark, in fact, Water sticker or washing trademark also refers to a same kind of cloth standard - Washing label. Other names are called as Mark, clothing label, and so on. Washing label applied in the apparel industry, mai...

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The Method Of Heat Transfer

Qingyi company has a variety of heat press machine, including automatic, manual, semi-automatic,etc.the basic operation is almost the same,Qingyi will show a specific guide to you,hope you would understand deeply about Heat Transfer. We heat press single color pattern,multi-color pattern or trademark LOGO on clothing, gloves, shoes,hats and other related products with heat transfer machine directl...

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How to judge the product is suitable for thermal transfer or not

Some friends who just touch this filed may have such a confusion, that they don’t know what characteristics the product have, thus while research and develop new products they’re not only waste their time but also waste the material resources. In recent years, with the development of Heat Transfer Industry,there are many all-embracing Heat Transfer Product appeared,including clothing,shoes and hat...

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