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It's very common for people to pay attention to something special, as your Heat transfer material solution supplier,we'll reveal today's main product--------3D labels,also called high density stickers in heat transfer industry.

Production description:

3D Effect heat transfer sticker is manual printing with glue, it is need be printed many times so it can reach the customers thickness requirement.Also it is made with TPU film so can touch elastic.

3D Effect heat transfer sticker

As it is printed with manual,so only can be do normal color ,such as white, black ,red but also can do pantone color.

Customized film size is 22*30cm but also can cut into individual logo .

3D Effect heat transfer sticker

It is matt effect , normal thickness is 0.4mm -1mm , this thickness normally can reach customers thickness requirement,it looks have very strong 3Deffect.

3D Effect heat transfer sticker

We use heat press machine do press,Transfer temperature:160℃,Transfer time:do positive press 15s and then do negative press 15s ,Pressure:medium pressure ,by cold peeling.

3D Effect heat transfer sticker

It is can be pressed on sportswear,T-shirts, caps , shoes and bags etc, so it have widely usage.

3D Effect heat transfer sticker

High thickness,design color match pan tone color code can reduce color difference so can get customers high color requirement,good rebound.The each printing process is can promise the 3D thicken heat transfer sticker no fade color , we use 60degree water temperature,60minutes/time and can washing 12 times,so it have good washing resistance.

Our 3D thicken heat transfer sticker quality have been passed many types certificate,especially get SGS, Oeko-t and so on.

3D Effect heat transfer sticker

We are do pack with individual logo now , so it have many advantage:

1.It is cut and packed into single package, so can save the customers cutting time , pick up logo time.

2.It is can reduce logo wight to save shipping

3.It is can keep safe transportation,

4.The individualize logo can ship the DHL the most fastest delivery way.

We offer free samples to our discerning customers.Dear friend,don't give up any chance of winning the aristocrat labels ,please contact me for samples:

Lily Kang :doc@kenteer.com

Whatsapp/HP:+86 18159139311

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