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With fashion DIY clothes filling our life, all kinds of heat transfer sticker,heat transfer) heat transfer transfer film, sublimation paper, color spray film, digital printing overwhelm to  variety of industries and markets. These materials and equipment flood into people’s life when they are chasing better life, those products, made from heat transfer materials and related equipment ,every day change the quality of people’s life.

However, while those new technologies make our lives more colorful, the quality problem of this kind products are always been an question that the manufacturers closely watched.As the old saying goes "Natural selection, survival of the fittest", those high-quality materials manufacturers will always lead the development of the industry. Qingyi Technology Co.Ltd, heat transfer materials manufacturer, is one example.

Qingyi company registered in 1996,Our company is a production and technology in one company which own research center, production center and sales department. Over the years, the company has been committed to thermal transfer materials and heat transfer production , research and development, products sold at China and abroad, in thermal transfer industry received good comments.

Although the market demand of those products become bigger and bigger as people’s life getting better,the industry's competitive pressure is like a double-edged sword, including pros and cons. As an elite galloping on the road of this industry, Qingyi company know the heavy responsibility he should take on. We always follow"integrity, professional, quality, innovation"as a concept,and keep "let printing more simple"as purpose,moving towards to a higher and farther goal.

Qingyi heat transfer company's products have been widely put into the garment processing, shoe upper processing, handbag processing, sports processing, mouse pad processing, thermal transfer printing ,textiles, hot melt processing, trademark printing and other industry. Marketing range from the southeast to extend to every region of the country and even the international market, increasing coverage, For these things we need to thanks our customers for a long time support and trust us.

In order to push the product into a bigger market, Qingyi company will regularly collect feedback from the use of the customer, only research the products that the customer really need,then we can solve the customer problems completely. At the same time, in order to provide quality assurance to customers, Qingyi heat transfer A-level products also passed the IAF certification, SGS European standard inspection, Germany Oeko-Tex Standard 100 certification,use the most cost-effective, the most intimate high-quality Service and the most complete technical support, we will try our best create unlimited value to customers, this is our company final goal.

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