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9 steps to maintain heat transfer stickers!


Clothing heat transfer sticker has become a daily demand, various personality patterns display different style,meet the most people’s  spiritual restlessness. In this regard, if you're not good at maintenance, it can only get short-lived effect.

There are some maintenance methods:

1.It feels a little hard after heat press the T-shirt, but it will become soft after washing(The newly crafted T-shirt needs to be washed after 2 days).

2.Do not rub the surface of the T-shirt (heat transfer sticker) pattern by hand (heat-patterned surface material doesn’t attach dirty).

3.Don’t wash with detergent containing bleach, wash with warm water or cool water below 40 degrees.

4.You’d better not use washing machine to wash,when you need to wash by machine,you’d better turn the pattern side to the back and then wash. After washing, immediately remove from the washing machine, don’t use dryer.

5.Don’t use too much pressure to wash the collar area, in order to avoid neckline deformation.

6. When drying, The hanger can only be stretched from the loose place of the clothes, mustn’t be directly from the neckline part of the strong support, to avoid the loss of flexibility for collar.

7.Naturally dry, don’t put heat transfer T-shirt under the sun exposure.

8.If the clothes need to be ironed, after drying can be taken in the temperature steam ironing (Fabric with elastic fibers can’t be high temperature ,to avoid damaging the elastic fiber structure, affecting the elastic effect of clothing),don’t ironing directly on the pattern.

9.After ironing, don’t put the clothes into a small space, you can use the hanger to hang on or place it flat, to keep the clothes’ s shape flat.

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