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28 ℃ thixotropic,feel fantasy about the thermochromic heat transfer sticker


Perceive changes of the market, grasp the market benchmark. Qingyi company have try their best to meet the customer's fashion needs with innovative ability and professional technology and provide targeted heat transfer solutions. Let us follow engineers to feel the fantasy of heat transfer sticker.

The first strongly recommend new product: thermochromic heat transfer sticker.

When the temperature is below 28-31 ℃,only show the normal color, when the temperature is higher than 28 ℃, the color becomes transparent, showing the second color (The color over 28℃ and the second color can choose any color), this sticker repeatedly change colors according to the temperature up and down.Thermochromic heat transfer can produce by CMYK offsetting printing and screen printing one color.

Iron On T Shirt Printing

Heat transfer sticker under normal temperature.

Thermal Transfer Printing

Heat transfer sticker under lower temperature.

Custom Iron On Transfers For T Shirts

It looks bright at more than 28 ℃ temperature.

Heat Transfer T Shirt Printing

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