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Quality Check Standard

For heat transfer sticker with certificated quality, we will do washing test before shipping. It can be washed 40-60 times under 40℃- water, 30mins/time. In addition, we have SGS , OKO-TEX certificate.

Quality Check Standard

Product technology standard

【Standard heat transfer sticker】
Standard heat transfer sticker-A type
  • 70UM PET release film,5-7 times coating process
  • Protect layer and suck ink
  • Color layer(4 times offset printing、screen printing)
  • Protect layer and add elasticity
  • PU white ink ,2-3 times screen process
  • PU heat melt glue layer,2-4 times screen process

Sticker requirement: A type

  • Adapt imported PU materials,above 60 degrees wouldn't sticky.Minus 30 degrees wouldn't be hard or becom embrittlement

  • 10thousand class air conditioned workshop,standard/motivade steam produce ,standard produce is a advantage

  • Test 50 times by the U.S. washing test machine,reach the standard than put into market

  • Reach SGS and Oeko-Tex 100 standard

【Standard heat transfer sticker】

  • 70um PET release film,2 times coating process
  • Color layer(4 times offset printing、screen printing)
  • AA white ink ,1-2 times screen printing
  • Silicone heat melt glue layer,1-2 times screen printing

Common sticker: B type

  • Adapt AA and synthetic resin material,season resistance is common

  • standard workshop, standard, half steam produce process, economy is the best advantage

  • Test 10 times by house washing machine,reach the standard than put into market

  • Never reach the international test institution standard



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